General Contractors That Build Mammoth Results

Our passion for the auto industry drove us to become a specialized commercial contractor with top innovators in the construction of car washes, auto service centers, showrooms, and auto dealerships. Mammoth Construction focuses our knowledge on automotive industry construction to accommodate our clients specific needs and best interest. We use a complete construction process management approach as a general commercial contractor. Therefore, we need to understand everything about the industry to best advocate for our client’s vision. This methodology grew us to be one of the largest specialist networks for building construction in the automotive sector.

Working with an auto industry
specialty contractor is different.

Working with Mammoth Construction differs from other general contractors and construction managers because we handle everything for you. NASCLA certified, we’re licensed to support our clients across the US. By creating a partnership with Mammoth Construction, we take on all the responsibilities that consume a business owner’s time and resources. Best yet, our approach to commercial construction management provides the opportunity to reach top professionals in our network.

We handle everything from preconstruction to after building project completion.

Subcontractors understand that working with a general contractor and construction management firm such as Mammoth Construction guarantees they’ll only work with other top professionals looking to maintain their reputation. Mammoth Construction has the magnetism to bring together the best subcontractors the industry has to offer to achieve Mammoth Results.

Alongside our attention to detail and connecting your project to these individuals, you’ll also receive the best value in the construction industry. Through our attentiveness to certify safety, budget control, maintain schedules, and provide responsible stewardship for client’s needs, you benefit from all our experience. Thorough vigilance is how our success promises your success.

Your acting ambassador in the commercial construction process.

Giving us your confidence provides us with decision-making power on your behalf. Through a firm understanding of your needs and building a like-minded partnership, we always work with your best interests in mind. We will dispute inconsistencies, enforce quality, and make decisions throughout the construction process on your behalf. Stress-free construction work and open communication allow our partnership to thrive.

We’ve built a network of tradespeople, building material suppliers, vendors, equipment suppliers, and contractors.

These individuals choose to work with us in a commercial builder capacity that you’re otherwise unlikely to reach on your own. This elite status is because we continue working with the top professionals to ensure quality and safety. Top tradespeople need to protect their reputation and status.

We believe that when highly knowledgeable people get together, great things happen.

Your project receives a dedicated site manager as your only focal point of contact between material suppliers and subcontractors. Your project manager is the direct contact for you, the owner. The site manager will be the point person for day-to-day happenings between all contractors on-site. Your site manager’s intense involvement with every aspect of your construction activity keeps the lines of communication open. Further, it ensures everyone stays apprised throughout project changes and scheduling. Communication confirms that everyone remains on the same page and that you’re always informed. 

Committed General Contractors
Our Construction Management Services

Before Construction

Mammoth Construction introduces you to multiple lenders to help finance a new build or renovation. We also prepare financial reports for budgeting and investment review and comprehensive management of project finances. Building contractor financing includes progress payments, accounting functions, and change order administration.

We introduce you to all the industry’s major players, connecting you to companies that best fit you and your needs. Our preconstruction services use a process called “value engineering.” In value engineering, we expedite the build and save money by seeking readily available materials with the lowest lead times.

Suppose you have not chosen a design team. In that case, we work with reputable, experienced car wash engineers, building architects, and design specialists who make your dream a reality. We speak to architects and engineers to meet their requirements and confirm they accommodate all your design plans.

Business owners greatly value having their project manager secure all signed contracts and insurance documents upfront. Handling the paperwork and red tape that comes with being a general contractor are time-consuming tasks. Yet, to protect the property owner, it’s essential to confirm that all contractors meet our strict requirements. 

During Construction

Mammoth controls build and delivery schedules from beginning to end. Efficient time management requires sequencing all deliveries and construction schedules. We are adaptable to finding project solutions that meet the time schedules and budget restraints. Effective time scheduling also means accommodating unforeseen changes to the project. 

Progress reports are vital in keeping everyone involved in your project up to speed. Thorough progress reports show milestones and timelines to help you schedule the next steps of opening your new location. Project managers work hard to review all reports from our site managers and relay any concerns and possible solutions as the project advances.

Mammoth is your eyes in the field. Our site managers inspect the work as it happens. Their comprehensive knowledge guarantees that the construction work is correct and that no shortcuts occur. Quality checks examine not only form and function but the ability of everyone to maintain your vision appropriately and to reach a successful final product. 

In-network contractors or building materials suppliers undergo a comprehensive prequalification process. We ensure working with only the best quality subcontractors available. Our stringent vetting process confirms the best quality tradespeople. We demand quality, value, safety, accountability, and professionalism.

Mammoth Construction builds investment properties to Produce Mammoth Results

Mammoth Construction – Each Project Is An Investment For Our Future

Why are we so invested in you? Because watching your legacy grow over the years ensures that our legacy is growing too. Focused as a specialty contractor, we do not wish to see one-time business ventures that end after the build. Our interests are in business partnerships for the life of your legacy. We want you to come back to us every time without hesitation.

With top innovators in construction for car washes, auto service centersshowrooms, and auto dealerships, we’re your one resource for specialized commercial contractors. Our partnerships create a strong bond built on respect, value, and quality. This way, you trust that you’re getting the best possible outcome every time. Project after project, we want you to choose Mammoth Construction. We’re not here to build one structure; we’re here to build your legacy.

Commercial Contractor Warranty

Mammoth’s Gold Standard of excellence provides customers with reassurance that project completion lives up to all standards and meets all expectations. Our gold standard is just where our commitment to being a superior commercial contractor begins. Upon project completion, we deliver all manufacturer and subcontractor warranties and our standard one-year warranty on workmanship.

Creating a Culture of Safety

Creating a passion for safety throughout the establishment is essential to our company culture. At Mammoth Construction, our responsibility is to manage an effective accident prevention program. We continually support comprehensive safety programs, job hazard communication, and site-specific safety planning. The seriousness of safety requires the accountability of all our employees and subcontractors. Our EMR, Experience Modification Rating, is far better than average – it’s a proud .74. We work grounded in high safety standards, strictly following all safety protocols, so workers perform without accidents. 

No injury is acceptable. With this company mindset upheld rigorously, we’re uncompromising in our commitment to the safety of our employees, subcontractors, and customers. Mammoth Construction is a participating member of the CCS Coalition for Construction Safety and its Substance Abuse Program. This way, your worksite stays safe, and our workers return home safely. 

Mammoth Construction’s Partners and Associations

Mammoth Construction partners with a variety of best-in-class businesses and associations to provide our client’s Mammoth Results.

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