Auto Dealership Construction


Mammoth Construction is an auto industry specialist.

Mammoth Construction is the leading auto industry construction management and contractor, with the expertise and knowledge to deliver your project successfully. Our auto industry knowledge allows us to provide clients with a jointless worry-free experience. From helping secure manufacture certification to providing the shortest schedules, we are dedicated to maximizing your return on investment.

Our skilled construction management professionals specialize in auto dealership projects and we travel with our customers to open multiple car dealerships in any state. Business owners feel the relief of not seeking out new construction companies and wondering if they’ll get quality work. Join us on the mission to revolutionize the current standard of auto dealership construction for the better.

Trust Mammoth to handle your auto dealership construction.

You may be skeptical about trusting these details to someone else. We assure you that you’ll get confidence in Mammoth Construction by meeting with us. Hiring Mammoth as your construction management team is the correct choice for peace of mind on your projects. We get involved in knowing your goals on a personal level. We’ll invest the time and dedication to your dealership build that you expect from your construction team. You’ll work only with the most ambitious and brilliant individuals to set your dream build into reality and get a single point of contact as a project manager. We believe that our intelligent approach, experience, and drive to exceed your vision set us apart from other construction companies. After a face-to-face with us, we’re confident you’ll feel the same.

With extensive knowledge of manufacturer’s certifications, we are dedicated to protecting our client’s investments.

Achieving certification involves a deep understanding of brand standards, stringent quality controls, and a commitment to delivering a facility that aligns seamlessly with the manufacturer’s vision. From site selection to the final walkthrough, our seasoned team ensures that every aspect of the construction process complies with the manufacturer’s guidelines. We understand the unique challenges and precise requirements associated with this industry. What sets us apart is our comprehensive knowledge of the certification processes mandated by various manufacturers.

A construction management company revolutionizing the auto industry.

A dealership build requires, above all else, maintaining the dealership’s brand promise to the customers. We focus on automotive buildings and the auto industry. We listen closely to your needs and goals for construction and what you anticipate bringing to your customers. Your showroom represents your car dealership and the legacy you hold. We work with all employees, designers, contractors, and subcontractors to uphold your vision and bring you dealership success.

Construction of an automotive dealership is a complex undertaking that requires specialists familiar with the automotive industry and commercial enterprise branding.

Auto Dealership & Showroom New Construction:

The auto industry has many facets that typical general contractors may be unfamiliar with. Your dealership build has all the usual construction concerns such as property assessment, build regulations, zoning, safety, etc. But, it also has industry specifics such as high-end expectations for a classy new inventory showroom, presentable and stylish offices, and access to creature comforts such as a coffee bar and comfortable waiting room. Additionally, you’ll need vehicle service bays built for efficiency and turnaround. To top off the list, you must meet individual car manufacturer requirements. Losing a crucial piece of the puzzle puts you at a significant disadvantage over your competitors.

Successful execution of an auto dealership construction is all about the showroom wow factor.

Your showroom must have ample room to display cars and entertain sales comfortably. It also must maintain function, have offices, be easy to clean, and include service center space. Suppose you’re considering taking on all tasks of seeking multiple contractors, scheduling construction, materials timelines, budgets & financing, and trying to keep the business running. Under stress, business owners often become overwhelmed and begin pushing through decisions to meet deadlines. Your project doesn’t get the attention this massive undertaking truly requires. Construction management handles all aspects of your dealership build from start to grand opening, ensuring your dealership build receives the devotion it needs.

How We Get Started – Auto Dealership Preconstruction

When you contract with Mammoth Construction, we get to work for you. Your new showroom specs need to meet all your standards, your customer’s expectations, as well as building codes, state and local regulations, and safety guidelines. Further, your construction management team must budget and oversee timetables for milestones in the construction process. Managing every piece of your dealership build includes messy paperwork and time-consuming project timetabling. Handling all of these pieces for you is what we do best.

Preconstruction planning is your first milestone and the crux of the design-build phase. You are assigned a project manager. Creating such a solid ground of trust with our customers is the thoroughness of our discovery discussions with you. This main focal point of contact will synchronize your goals, ambitions, needs, and future long-term aims. We discuss everything from your goals and vision to budget and timelines.

Our construction planning implements this methodology, from new construction to renovations, modernizations, and storefront facelifts. We provide an intelligent and innovative hands-on approach. Addressing pivotal details during preconstruction planning reduces construction change orders and unexpected delays. Lend us your trust, so you can sit back and concentrate on running your business. Our responsible stewardship for our clients ensures they get the best value for their money. Our repeat business and referral rates speak for themselves.

Design and dealership Build Phase

Mammoth Construction connects you to top architects and design engineers. We bring design, architecture, civil engineering, internal accounting, and construction management to the table, giving our customers the best possible experience. Sit back while we assemble knowledgeable people able to mitigate the obstacles and delays that naturally come with projects of this size and importance.

Having a precise plan and process in place is the foundation for every step that follows. Mammoth has the best construction software for estimating, scheduling, and detailed construction accounting. We supply site logistics planning, existing conditions surveys, strategize for problem-solving, and delay avoidance planning.

Our value engineering analysis includes cost studies to maintain the budget and get the most value for your money. Subcontractor procurement is a huge part of your budget and timeline. Mammoth handles all pre-qualifications and contract administration. Working on your behalf, we continually defend and uphold your goals throughout the process, advocating with your primary goals at the forefront of every decision we make. Quality control assessments ensure everyone maintains the standards we expect from all our subcontractors, vendors, and employees.

Our Vetting Process – Auto Industry Professionals

Due to our unique experience working on elite projects for some of today’s most well-known architects and builders, Mammoth’s quality standards are the highest in the industry. Mammoth Construction created a premier-grade vetting process for contractors. We insist on only the highest quality work and complete adherence to safety standards and accountability. Many contractors place a bid based on numbers and have a pool of subcontractors that may be less than reputable to lower the price.


Mammoth Construction will not tolerate shortcuts, safety hazards, or lower quality of work. The competency of our contractors is of the utmost importance to our reputation and the professionals we work with. For this reason, our vetting process is one of the highest and most stringent in the industry. This attribute is how we build our clients’ trust and bring them success. Visit our About Us page for more about our vetting process and Mammoth’s Quality Gold Standard.

Our top contractors and tradespeople are some of the most sought-after professionals in the industry.

We insist on a very high quality of professionalism from all members of our network. We do not just group a bunch of contractors together; we painstakingly review and interview all applicants. Privileged access to our network gets you working with top professionals in every aspect, from design and preconstruction to financing and beyond. These are trusted companies that, without Mammoth’s connection, you otherwise may not be able to schedule. See more about our subcontractors and the vetting process . A strict adherence to whom we allow in the network is another way we guarantee your success.