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Construction specialists in the car wash industry.

As a construction management team, we handle additional pieces of the project that otherwise take valuable time from the owner’s day to research and complete. From concept to opening day, our involvement begins the moment you do. Starting with pre-construction, we connect you to finance specialists, top-level designers, professional car wash equipment manufacturers, chemical suppliers, and more.

When looking to build a car wash, having someone you trust to handle all the intricacies takes the worry out of your hands.

With Mammoth Construction, you’ll discover the difference between having multiple contractors and a true construction management partner throughout your car wash build. Feel the freedom of watching your dreams come to reality without the stress of micromanaging the steps to get you there.

Everything a construction management company provides.

We look to build long-term partnerships. As your brand grows, we’ll go with you, constructing single structures or multiple franchise models across the country.  Are you ready to franchise? Mammoth Construction takes on multiple locations comfortably, while we readily build singular facilities also. No matter your project size, Mammoth gets the job done.

Car Wash Construction Begins With A Timeline.

Car wash construction comes with the unique challenge of limited real estate. Little room means a necessity to follow the timeline for construction materials very closely. Otherwise, you run into problems with materials arriving without room on-site. With nowhere to store these materials before they are ready for use, it leaves expensive equipment and building materials outside vulnerable to the elements. Materials could arrive on-site and occupy space earmarked for construction. These delays and mishaps impede the car wash build process.

Furthermore, any delays negatively impact your budget.

If your car wash build does not open on time, you extend the time to reach anticipated ROI and lose new customers. Hiring Mammoth Construction as your construction management team ensures your commercial car wash stays on schedule and budget.

Mammoth Construction understands the auto industry.

General contractors can provide a timeline but may run into unforeseen issues due to inexperience. With Mammoth Construction, your project manager has an excellent knowledge base to advocate on your behalf. Our professionals have a superior scope of knowledge than those less dedicated. We focus all efforts on keeping up-to-date with all aspects of automotive industry builds. An extensive construction background enables us to anticipate issues before they arrive and utilize tactical maneuvers to accommodate changes. As a construction management partner, Mammoth Construction has a vast network of subcontractors. We quickly find solutions to keep the car wash build moving forward.

Complex Design – Successful Car Wash Form And Function

The modern tunnel car wash and other automatic washes are some of the market’s most high-tech and complex car wash constructions. Tunnel car wash systems must meet detailed specifications to accommodate various vehicles to operate effectively and efficiently. Proper calibration increases the lifetime of the car wash equipment. More importantly, the entire car wash structure must safely use intricate electrical and plumbing systems without overloading them and causing failures.

The Benefits of an Auto-Industry Specialized Construction Management Team.

Your design team works with manufacturers to choose the correct tanks and pumps that will function under the pressure of continual use. Electrical engineers use both high and low voltage with complex wiring throughout the building and maximize your energy usage. Expertly designed water detention systems accommodate excess drainage and recycle water. In some climates, precautions to prevent failures during freezing winter conditions are necessary for the success of the completed build. Combining all this with zoning, state & local building codes, regulations, and ordinances makes car washes ideal for Mammoth’s construction management team to take the lead.

We build all modern new car wash designs:

The tunnel car wash places the customer’s vehicle on a conveyor. A conveyor belt guides the car through a system of detergents, rinse, wax, and blowers. The tunnel wash takes a few minutes to complete each stage; cleaning, waxing, and drying. The customer stays inside their vehicle and enjoys the speed at which they quickly and easily go about their day. Some automatic car washes also provide additional services such as undercarriage cleaning, whitewall wash for tires, and extra waxes for high shine. 

A single car wash bay is often the size of a one-car garage. The customer pulls their car into a single bay where equipment circles the vehicle while lighted signs provide the driver directions. High-pressure water automatics wash and rinse the car. 

The brushless car wash, AKA soft touch, uses soft cloth pads and strips and buffing wheels consisting only of soft cloths. Compared to an automated car wash that uses brushes, soft cloth is safer on the car’s surface and produces less scratching to the vehicle’s exterior. 

The most prevalent car wash type is likely the classic self-service car wash bay. This do-it-yourself car wash allows car owners to use high-quality soaps and high-pressure hoses with brushes or sponges. The car owner is free to use which equipment they are comfortable with and gets a quality car washing by using a little bit of old-fashioned elbow grease.

Whether it’s a touchless conveyor or bay car wash, a touchless car wash promises no contact with the vehicle. A balanced chemical detergent and high-pressure washers rinse and clean the car. The touchless equipment closely follows the vehicle’s contour to achieve a thorough and accurate cleaning.

Full-service car washes take a bit more time because they also clean the vehicle’s interior. The customer stays in a pleasant waiting room while the car’s exterior is washed, waxed, and shined. The interior gets vacuumed, counsel and panels whipped down, and interior windows clean. The vehicle owner returns to a completely fresh, clean car inside and out.

If you’re ready to be a car wash owner, call Mammoth Construction today and get your project started on the right foot!

Do you need a structure built for commercial trucks and big rigs? Mammoth Construction can accommodate custom design buildings to handle truck wash also.

Water management is the crux of a great car wash build

It is obvious when building a car wash that you need to consider proper drainage. But, do your methods conserve water? Water and power conservation begins with the car wash build design. The efficiency of the building design combined with the equipment installed plays a massive role in water conservation. Mammoth Construction’s network includes top industry designers and the best professional car wash equipment suppliers that help business owners be environmentally conscious and maximize water conservation.

Waterproofing a car wash can be complicated.

As industry-specific professionals, we’re well versed in waterproofing the building, proper drainage, mitigation for proper water protection, adequate insurance, financing details, and proper equipment. Mammoth Construction’s car wash industry knowledge gives us the power to provide you superior support.

Car Wash Building Subcontractors

One of our greatest assets is our network of subcontractors and tradespeople. Mammoth Construction performs one of the most rigorous vetting processes in the industry to eliminate low quality and insists on the highest safety standards. To learn about our vetting process, please look at our About Us page. We demand the highest quality and accountability from everyone we bring to our job sites. Our contractors come to us knowing they’re working alongside equally demanding professionals who uphold the same standards of quality work as they do.

Keeping the reputations of our contractors is an initiative that brings us the highest quality professionals and the most value for your investment.

Top-grade skills and knowledge bring us to the table every time. Our reputation for high quality, on-time, on-budget project completions means most of our projects are repeat customers and referrals. Mammoth Construction’s repeat customers trust Mammoth Construction for quality car wash construction.